Become An Online English Teacher (in 15 Minutes)

Become An Online English Teacher (in 15 Minutes)

Find an Online English Teaching Job in 15 Minutes

Company Detail

My mission is to get you started teaching english online. I’ve been teaching english since January 2017, have been in touch with 150+ schools and have connections in many top schools, where you can start earning good money straightway while working from home.

The reason I chat to you for 15 minutes on the phone (apart from loving to talk) is to find out which company will suit you best. No need to spend hours looking for the right one!

I am a goofy perfectionist who wants you to succeed and be the best teacher possible. That’s why I provide teaching tips, tricks and games every week on my YouTube channel.

But before all that, you need to land the job. I know what recruiters are looking for. I’ve successfully been accepted to teach for 7 different schools. I help you to prepare for the job interview by practicing the regularly asked questions from interviews and showing you exactly what kind of thing interviewers are looking for (which is not just experience by the way!)

Here’s to your new teaching job!