Remote B2C Marketing Specialist

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Remote B2C Marketing Specialist

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Company: Mirekusoft

We are a B2C software startup with a PC-based application that improves the performance, reliability, and management of PCs.


The business started a few years ago with traction demonstrated by product sales and online reviews. The underlying technology is one of the most advanced in the industry and can be used for application portability, virtualization, and security.  We have a core group of users who really like our product as indicated through surveys, feedback, and testimonials.

However, we haven’t had consistent sales due to inconsistent marketing. For continuous growth and improvement of our product, we gather feedback from our customers, and we assimilate the feedback to improve our product even more. This is an opportunity to work with cool software and help drive amazing growth.

Our need:

We need a B2C marketing expert that has experience with engaging and interacting with customers as part of customer and market research, defining marketing strategies based on this research, and implementing these strategies for software businesses. By joining our Company, you will bring your deep customer research and marketing experience to increase awareness of our brand and our online presence across appropriate channels. The expert would coordinate with the business owner to define and experiment with proven marketing strategies as well as with freelancers to execute. This is a long-term position with a flexible schedule.

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