Remote Business Development Strategist ($33 – $232 per hour)

  • Location:
    Anywhere Anywhere Anywhere Anywhere
  • Salary:
    $33 - $232 / per hour
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  • Posted:
    1 week ago
  • Category:
    Remote Business Developer
  • Deadline:
    April 21, 2020

Remote Business Development Strategist

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Company: Tod-Z

Are you ready for the challenge? At tod-Z you can work from home and earn high rate/hour, we only Care About your unique talent. Your Gender & Nationality won’t make a difference to your paid rate/hour. Start your career journey without pitching clients and sign up now at tod-Z.
A talent on Demand Platform, established 2019 in Estonia under the EU regulations

tod-Z is looking for a business development strategist who helps chart the course for future growth of the company’s projects,products or services . Part of their job is to identify goals, targets , future vision , areas of deviation,solutions & advice on budget for plan execution to project owners. It should be focused on and leading the steps needed to ensure that the company has what it needs in order to achieve the needed progress & development. If you think you have the talent & expertise to be selected & be a part of tod-Z family, join us and register now. GOOD LUCK

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