Remote Social Media Manager ($14,000 – $27,600 / year)

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    September 30, 2019

Remote Social Media Manager

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Company: Lifestyle Perfected

Lifestyle Perfected Thought Leadership focuses on significantly elevating companies,
organizations and people’s awareness, growth and engagement on social media. We
catapult their brand and needs onto the social world, resulting in their accounts being
highly authentic, personable and amazing. This is where you come in!

We are looking for an exceptional Social Media Manager with a great attitude, innate
desire to contribute to people and passionate about elevating clients lives to new
heights on social media.

In this position, you will be collaborating alongside Nadav, the co-founder & CEO of Lifestyle
Perfected, to create and manage content for social media, newsletters, blog posts and appropriate
pictures for distribution of content.

Benefits of working with Lifestyle Pefected:
● Location free – work from home opportunity
● Competitive compensation package


1. Co-create transformational content and social media systems.
2. Design and implement inspiring social media strategies with creative
content/graphics that tell visually compelling stories to achieve marketing targets
and client needs.
3. Achieve fantastic social media engagement and growth results.
4. Help our clients’ target audience to feel inspired, improve their lives and improve
the lives of others.
5. Provide consistent community growth and engagement for clients.
6. Deliver premium service to clients.


1. Participate in Twitter chats, social media engagement groups/pods, and
interaction through liking, commenting, tweeting and replying
2. Implement and manage content/communication strategies
3. Create, schedule and post Social Media Content from approved Calendars
4. Research types of content that are most engaging to our audience and
collaborate with Nadav on choosing content that is most important to create
5. Organize content/tasks in Google Drive & Asana
6. Manage engagement and communication
7. Identify and create relationships with social media audiences, influencers and
promotional partners
8. Organize and implement guest posting and vlogging on clients’ social media
9. Recreate each piece of content for reuse on social media platforms
10. 1-2 calls to brainstorm and create content
11. Memes/quotes per week (number depends on the clients’ needs)
12. Edit photos/Videos with captions
13. Video Editing – creation of short social- shareable content
14. Support clients’ requirements with newsletters with 1-2 pieces of original content
and 1-3 pieces of relevant content from outside sources: articles, quotes, videos,
15. Identify and implement the best ways to promote content and grow client audiences
– Social media sharing best practice
– Social media growth & engagement strategies
– Social media content strategies
16. Participate in weekly meetings with clients


1. Education and 2+ years of work experience in Content Creation, Social Media
Management and Design.
2. Social media specialist certification a plus
3. Knowledge of graphics, layout balance, and color harmony
4. Knowledge of social media advertising
5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
6. Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills
7. Strong working knowledge of Google Apps and Microsoft Office
8. Strong knowledge of all social media trends
9. Strong Communications skills with specialization in customer service.
10. Knowledge of SEO best practices, user engagement and content optimization

Job Type: Contract/Freelance

Job Level: Junior (2-4 years)

Salary: $14,000 – $27,600 / year

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