Kenetic Trading: Trading Systems Data Engineer

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Date posted: March 25, 2021

Kenetic Trading: Trading Systems Data Engineer

Company Profile:Kenetic Trading is a proprietary trading firm that deploys medium and high frequency trading strategies in the global cryptocurrency markets. Based in Hong Kong, we are a 24/7 business, trading digital assets in 10+ locations around the globe, with a team of world-class talent spanning 5 countries.

We are one of the fastest growing market makers in the entire industry. Our arbitrage engines generate tens of millions of orders per day, and our trading team combines a systematic approach with sophisticated pricing models, iterating regularly to ensure robust trading performance.

More information can be found on our company website:

Summary of Position:

This is an opportunity to become both steward and champion for the firm’s market and trading data archives and the systems which capture, transform and load trading data to and from those archives.

You’ll learn from our experienced trading team and help develop and support systems that execute millions of trades on ‘crypto’ exchanges across the globe. 

Reporting to: Chief Technology Officer

Job responsibilities include: 

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