Remote Interviews with Evi Missa

Remote Account Manager @ Soko Media

First a foremost, give me a brief background about of yourself and one interesting fact.

I have lived most of my life in Athens, Greece, then the UK and then Gibraltar and Andalucia (South of Spain). I tried some Berlin and Barcelona but it did not work out for me.

I love swimming, yoga, surfing and being out in nature, that’s why my day starts with pilates in the park, or yoga and tennis. Swimming still it is a bit chilly here, but soon!

One interesting fact: I have studied Psychology and Translation, while now I am working in Account Managing and Marketing, so who knows what the future will bring 🙂

So you work remotely as an account manager at Soko Media. What do they do, what is your role there, and how did you land that position?

I got the job after applying on the ad posted on the Escape the City website. I am more into account management and marketing operations. They are a media channel for the mobile app industry, offering content promotions and directory inclusions.

Before working remotely at Soko Media, you were a fashion editor, manager, freelancer, translator… (you’ve basically done everything!) Which one of those experiences helped you the most in your remote role today?

I’ve done a lot, but what helped me the most is living in the UK for my master’s and in Gibraltar and Andalucia while working in-house for 888 Holdings. It’s the international exposure that helped me to get the job at Soko and also build a great international community in Athens. So traveling and get exposed to other cultures is extremely important to survive in remote work environments, collaborating with people from everywhere.

You run a Digital Nomads Athens Facebook Group and Instagram page. What’s the digital nomad/remote work scene like there?

It’s vibrant, especially in the spring and summer. I see many people coming and going every year, to take advantage of the great city of Athens and the incredible islands.

I also run Digital Nomads Rhodes Facebook Group, the island of the knights 🙂 It is very busy in the summer, and due to the great connections from all over Europe, it’s the place to be for remote island life. You will find me there in July 🙂

Preparing for surfing sessions in Ikaria island 🙂

What is the hardest part about being a remote worker and how were you able to overcome those challenges? What’s the best part about being a remote worker?

The hardest part is the isolation and meeting new people, which now is overcome by the group 🙂

The best part is living the life of your dreams, in your own terms, and that’s quality of life!

What do you think is the main reason people (especially those who are adequately skilled and knowledgeable) are not having success finding a remote opportunity or taking that leap?

Because the most important thing is not the actual skills and experience or degrees and knowledge, which are important of course don’t get me wrong, but the trust, the confidence, the agility and the character need to be a great fit with the company one is applying to.

Favorite place(s) in the whole world you have been to? 

Tel Aviv, Ikaria, Tangier. I love all those places.

Any final bits of advice for our audience wanting to work remotely or live the digital nomad lifestyle?

Find a permanent gig, so you can enjoy the perks of remote life and traveling, as opposed to the constant stress of the freelancer with temp assignments.

Please share your bio, profile, social links, books, courses, etc.

Digital Nomad Athens Facebook Group

Digital Nomads Athens Instagram Page (seriously, their page is really aesthetically awesome)

Digital Nomads Rhodes Facebook Group


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