starfish: Requirements Engineer / Business Analyst

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Date posted: March 30, 2021

starfish: Requirements Engineer / Business Analyst

Hey I’m Markus, one of the founders of

Our company is a consulting and digital product engineering agency with headquarters in Ulm, Germany.
All our services are build around integrated remote-teams. For one of our client projects we are setting up a new team and that is the reason why I am reaching out to you.

The new team will work on a rather complex requirements and product engineering topic. The main goal will be to translate the client’s insights and experiences into a roadmap for re-engineering the product. To achieve this, the team will facilitate a series of workshops with the client, consolidate requirements, align them to different work streams and then iterate. A second very important aspect of our product engineering teams is to constantly map requirements to existing system components and also to design the necessary prototypical development to deal with identified uncertainties.

In the team you will:

👇🏻 Click the link below to apply 👇🏻


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