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    At Peroptyx, we’ve assembled and pre-screened a qualified network domain-experts across the globe. We strategically match our ideal resources with each use-case requirements.

    Our annotators and evaluators are bi-lingual specialists living in the same cities and countries as you. They are expert at understanding how to interact with all types of data and can provide the most valuable qualitative and quantitative feedback for your specific use-case and market.

    Data isn’t static – its appropriateness heavily depends on ever-changing user preferences and environments.

    It’s nothing without context, and context is as dynamic as the users who create it. Legacy data just can’t keep up with users’ demand for relevance.

    To build a model that functions in the real world, it must be continually refreshed with data curated by humans in their specific contexts.

    by  collecting  the amount of hyper-relevant data needed at the rate required to stay relevant.

    Our program management led engagement approach incorporates industry-leading platforms and tools to deliver world-class data annotation and human evaluation solutions at scale.

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