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    TwinStar Credit Union started as a teachers’ credit union 1938. Educating and empowering people to realize their financial dreams is at the core of everything we do. It all started with a teacher, Dewey Noblitt, who came up with the idea that became TwinStar.


    In the 1930s, small loans were difficult for teachers to obtain due to their low salaries and high interest rates. If you wanted to buy a car or a house, you might get a loan from a bank at 17% interest or from a loan shark at 36% or more. Dewey Noblitt, a math teacher at Olympia High School, brought together 15 teachers who started Thurston County Teacher Credit Union. Loans were made easier to obtain and affordable for its members. The first loan was for $150 in 1938. Loans were made and paid in cash, sometimes with passed notes in the hallway! But in the first 10 years, there was only one loss: 85 cents in 1948.


    The credit union got its first “branch” in 1950: 4 days a week at room 346 at Olympia High School. In 1972, the first permanent branch opened and it was the only branch until 1980. In the 1980s, Thurston County Teachers Credit Union began merging with smaller credit unions, starting in Grays Harbor County. The old name didn’t fit, and in 1981, we became Twin County Credit Union. Later, we merged with credit unions in Centralia, Clark and Pierce Counties. Which made our name a little strange – Twin County in 5 counties?


    In 2006, we unveiled a new name – TwinStar Credit Union. Then, in 2009, TwinStar expanded its field of membership to include all residents in the state of Washington. In 2011, we crossed the Columbia River and took our unique style of banking into Oregon.

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